Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here we go...pages 1 through 7

It has begun. Here are pages 1 through 7. I technically finished them in 2007 but they are counted towards my 2008 goal. Amos, I can make my own rules even if you dream about what year my pages count towards! Ha!


As a Matter of Scrap said...

Hey, those are really good pages. I think I saw them somewhere, like in 2007!!! or was that 2008? Hmmm, I think it was 2007! Oh well, not on my conscience, LOL. Just Kidding!!

Domestic Diva said...

Aren't we doing 88 in '08? I thought that is what we decided on at the scrapbook store?

Nice paper Nobody! and nice pages to boot!

Somebody's Nobody said...

Sorry Diva--
I had to up my goal. I thought 88 was maybe underestimating my abilities a bit. So 100 it is. How about 100 for you?

Aitjcize Francis said...

cool, seems that you have a happy life!